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An alternative to a National Sickness Service

The changes underway in the way health care is commissioned made me dig up this old article I wrote for the Wiltshire Federation of Community Area Partnerships Newsletter, back in 2007.  In it I looked at a positive example of

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Quote of the week

“The strength of free people resides in the local community. Local institutions are to liberty what primary schools are to learning; they put it within the people’s reach; they teach people to appreciate and make use of it.” Alexis de

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Some thoughts about town centres

Back in 2005 I wrote this on another blog. I’m reposting it here as a way into a discussion about the town centre and its problems. An article from the Vancouver Republic [no longer publishing] poses some interesting questions about

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Why this blog?

The traditional idea of a small market town in the UK is of a physically separate settlement supporting a variety of functions and providing a range of services. Over time the functions and services available have changed, and more importantly

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