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Ideas for Devizes #1 – Main Street USA

Rather than trying to produce long screeds that no-one reads, this is the first of a series of posts that will point to examples of good practice that could be adapted for Devizes. From the web site. “Over the past

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We still need planning

There is a tendency to blame ‘the planners’ for everything that goes wrong, from dog mess to lack of public toilets to the failure to provide a full size Marks and Spencer’s store in town (I’ve come across all of

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Wiltshire Council Review of Youth Service

WC have published details of their proposals for the Youth Service on its young people’s web site called Sparksite. This is the start of a so called consultation. The information provided is however misleading, manipulative and dishonest. It pretends that

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Visual Arts Bristol – what sort of future

Download the full report here. A report from a day conference about the future of visual arts in Bristol. I’ve linked to it a) as a source of ideas and b) as a model for discussions on any topic. ‘Open

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Large scale or small scale?

Large Lump development is based on the idea of replacement. Piecemeal growth is based on the idea of repair. Since replacement means consumption of resources it is easier to see that piecemeal growth is the sounder of the two from

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The welfare road we failed to take

When we compare the Victorian antecedents of our public institutions with the organs of working-class mutual aid in the same period the very names speak volumes. On the one side the Workhouse, the Poor Law Infirmary, the National Society for

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why Community Action is essential

In a talk he gave in 2007, (available from here: Edgar Cahn, the founder of the Timebank movement ( described two economies: the monetary economy and what he describes as the Core Economy. The first is monetarized and has

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