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3 comments on “Contact
  1. Catherine Hammant says:

    Dear Ian

    Many thanks for replying to my request for information via HTF – in fact I have recently been to look at the Devises scheme as it is an exemplar on the (now closed) Cabe website and I have met Colin a few times on the work I did in Stamford. It is such a beautiful space and I can see that the improvements must have made a difference, but as I saw it on a day when the cars were parked over most of the square I couldn’t help but feel that there is scope for a second phase to introduce more pedestrian space – although I know how contentious removing parking is!

    I am gradually finding out examples but not as many as you might expect which rather makes the case that smaller towns are not able to easily translate the lessons from best practice for whatever reason – financial, political or cultural.

    Kind regards


    PS apologies for not emailing you but the email on the site (even removing the right bit!) bounced back.

  2. Darren Worrow says:

    Hi Ian, i’m looking for local logs to link to Devizine, if interested please let me know, and i’ll ad to the links page i’m planning now.

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