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Changes to Pewsey Vale Connect2 services

Wiltshire Council are proposing to do away entirely with the Demand Responsive bus services running under the banner of Connect 2 (as an aside I really really hate the faux ‘hip’ renaming from WigglyBus). You can find the consultation paper

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What makes a good place–and how do we get one?

Evidence collected from the UK suggests that top of the list of what is important to people is ‘neighbourhood’ (not the same as community, which scores much lower). Neighbourhood includes but is not confined, to good schools, open spaces, safe

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Housing and the law of unintended consequences

One of the biggest concerns in Devizes at the moment appears to be new housing development. This is a common trigger for local concerns about what is happening in many towns. What seems like a never ending process of building

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Why this blog?

The traditional idea of a small market town in the UK is of a physically separate settlement supporting a variety of functions and providing a range of services. Over time the functions and services available have changed, and more importantly

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